Helper services

Personal Shopper

Ask questions and get advice
before you go to the store, or
send us to buy what you need.

New Computer Setup

Do it right from the start.
We help you to unpack and
set up your new equipment.

Computer Training

Learn one-on-one or with a
group of friends. Basic and
Advanced training available.


Technical services

Problem Solving

Describe your technical problem and we'll do our best to fix it.
We support both PCs and Macs.

Security Sweep

Is your computer safe?
Find and remove viruses, spyware, and other bad stuff.

Data Backup

Are you prepared for a crash?
Protect your precious files
before your hard drive dies.


Special services

Music Transfers

Digitize your CD collection and fill your hungry iPod. Pickup and delivery service is available.

PC to Mac Switch

Are you fed up with Windows? Move your files and email to a more secure Mac computer.

Web Design

Would you like a nice looking Web site like this one? Contact us for rates and information.